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Danielle is a business professional whose life and work experiences have touched a variety areas including careers in journalism, marketing, political campaigns, aviation, PR, philanthropy, event planning, real estate, energy and most importantly

Customer Service!


Creative, efficient and resourceful Danielle is ready to tackle your errands large or small. Prioritizing is a passion and a gift. Danielle’s whizzes through your daily task saving you time and a break from the bustling traffic.


This business was first conceived in 2004. The idea that people desired more down time to spend leisurely was not only evident but a necessity for Danielle herself. This service provides the luxury of a personal assistant for everyday busy people.

Delegate the “To Do” list

It’s not the age, it’s the STAGE of life where people will need this service the most.

Young professionals, middle aged, seniors and mostly busy people will find the need to buy my time.

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